Substantive testing of cash for apollo shoes

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Substantive Procedures – Asset Irregularities Essay Sample

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This always struck me as a waste of my time and their money; I was like an overpaid bike messenger, moving information from one part of the firm to another. Substantive Tests for Fixed Assets A.

Audit Program Design: Cash Cycle at Apollo Shoes

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Substantive Testing: Cash, Receivables, Inventory And Fixed Assets

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If anyone ever says it to you, run. This next phase of the auditing process for Apollo Shoes Inc. (Apollo) is the designing of an audit program, which will detail substantive procedures for detecting irregularities in the accounts receivable, inventory, and fixed assets audit cycles.

Tasks are listed in the attached word documentCase Study “Audit of Apollo Shoes, Inc.”Each Audit Team will perform the following task (not all inclusive) of Planning; Internal Control Evaluation; Substantive Testing of Cash, Accounts Receivable, Inventory, Prepaids, Fixed Assets, Liabilities and Payroll as well as render an audit opinion thereon in completing the audit of Apollo Shoes.

At Apollo Shoes irregularities or cash schemes, which could occur in the audit cycle of cash include fraudulent show more content Another substantive procedure to be employed in trying to uncover irregularities is the use of substantive analytical procedures over the completeness of expenses.

Apollo Shoes Case Apollo Shoes is an audit case designed to introduce you to the entire audit process, from planning the engagement to drafting the final report.

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Substantive test for cash balances

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