Nanogels for anticancer drug delivery

Riteau N, Sher A. Doxorubicin-conjugated quantum dots to target alveolar macrophages and inflammation. To conduct these measure- ments, a single layer of nanogels was deposited on the gold surface of the QCM crystal. Owing to their high aspect ratio and large surface area, these carbon-based nanoparticles may carry a high proportion of antigens for immune activation.

In vivo test revealed a remarkable NGs accumulation in tumors after ip or iv administration for 24 h and the targeting effect lasted for more than a week in ip-treated mice. Invest Ophth Vis Sci. Preparation and characterization of biotinylated red blood cells.

The fluorescence spectrum of Dox was simultaneously detected with that of green-emitting QD that indicated the coexistence of QD and Dox in a single vesicle system. In general, nanoparticles between 20 and nm, a length scale that coincides with viral particles, can exploit interstitial flow for lymphatic delivery.

Multiresponsive Nanogels for Targeted Anticancer Drug Delivery

These modified MSCs can target the U glioma tumor tissue, induce enhanced cell apoptosis and inhibit the tumor metastasis[ 83 ]. Nanotechnology in vaccine delivery. Along similar lines, Sen et al. A lipid bilayer shell nm was observed out of the NP core and the zeta potential of the coated NPs was close to the value of RBCm vesicles.

The canonical exosomes are intracellular origin, rich in cholesterol, sphingomyelin, ceramide, and with the protein markers of tetraspanins CD63, CD9 and TSG Figure 5 d. The versatile technique can be applied to conjugate multiple cargoes for vaccine applications [ ].

Thiols groups also readily associate with gold surfaces. This would result in the reticuloendothelial system RES phagocytosis and greatly shorten the blood circulation time. For reproduction of material from PPS: As a result, adsorption of protein can occur spontaneously owing to a combination of weak interaction forces, leading to the formation of protein corona formation [ ].

Click on the image to enlarge. Techniques to associate protein or peptide antigens can be categorized into multiple categories. Red, green, and overlay fluorescence channels are shown in the schematics; 2 adsorption of nanoparticle aggregates onto the surface of loaded RBCs cuvettes demonstrating the behavior of Au NPs in water right and after transfer in PBS left ; and 3 release of both molecules by a near-IR laser.

Shi et al developed another efficient method to engineer RBC with functional probes through sortase-catalyzed reaction under native conditions[ 60 ]. The Journal of Physical Chemistry C.

Another targeting delivery strategy of this RBCm-cloaking system was developed to take use of the enzyme-responsive property.

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Autofluorescence and the unmixed SiQD signal are coded in green and red, respectively. This system could deliver Dox to the targeted prostate cancer cells and sense the delivery of Dox by activating the fluorescence of QDs that concurrently image the cancer cells.

Error bars represent standard deviation. Because of toxicity concerns, cadmium-based QDs might not be the best candidate for in vivo drug delivery and therapy.

If the material has been adapted instead of reproduced from the original RSC publication "Reproduced from" can be substituted with "Adapted from". Floxuridine-containing nucleic acid nanogels for anticancer drug delivery Y. Given the frequent semblance between nanoparticle vaccines and viruses regarding their size, morphology, antigen display, and adjuvanticity effect, nanoparticles present a compelling platform in bridging the gap between live and non-live vaccines.

Tumor targeted quantum dot-mucin 1 aptamer-doxorubicin conjugate for imaging and treatment of cancer. Recently, methods have been reported to reduce the size of the QDs by tailoring their surface coating. Role of sustained antigen release from nanoparticle vaccines in shaping the T cell memory phenotype.

Nanoparticle-based delivery thus offers a desirable strategy in guiding these immunological modulators to lymph nodes, increasing their effective concentration and reducing their systemic reactogenicity.

Erythrocyte membrane-camouflaged polymeric nanoparticles as a biomimetic delivery platform. Nanogels with a biomolecular coating (biocoating) were shown to be capable of triggered delivery of anticancer drug Doxorubicin.

The biocoating was formed utilizing binding between glycogen and. This review outlines the new developments on chitosan-based bioapplications. Over the last decade, functional biomaterials research has developed new drug delivery systems and improved scaffolds for regenerative medicine that is currently one of the most rapidly growing fields in the life sciences.

Herein, we report the self-assemblies of floxuridine-containing DNA and RNA nanogels with a precise drug loading ratio as effective drug delivery systems. Based on the structural similarity between the nucleoside analogue floxuridine (F) and the natural nucleoside thymidine (T), F can be.

Title:Supramolecular Self-Assembled Nanogels a New Platform for Anticancer Drug Delivery VOLUME: 23 ISSUE: 35 Author(s):Jaleh Varshosaz*, Somayeh Taymouri and Erfaneh Ghassami Affiliation:Department of Pharmaceutics, School of Pharmacy and Novel Drug Delivery Systems Research Centre, Isfahan University of Medical.

Nanogels in the field of medicine are under rapid growth of interest with more focus given on improving current therapies and diagnostic modalities.

Self-immolative micellar drug delivery: The linker matters. Xuan Meng 1,§, Min Gao 1,§, Jian Deng 1, Di Lu1, Aiping Fan 1, Dan Ding 2,3, Deling Kong 2,3, Zheng Wang 1, and Yanjun Zhao 1 (*). 1 School of Pharmaceutical Science & Technology, Tianjin Key Laboratory for Modern Drug Delivery & High Efficiency and Collaborative Innovation Center of Chemical Science and Engineering (Tianjin.

Nanoparticle Vaccines Adopting Virus-like Features for Enhanced Immune Potentiation Nanogels for anticancer drug delivery
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(PDF) Multiresponsive Nanogels for Targeted Anticancer Drug Delivery