Electronically tunable voltage mode biquad filter oscillator based

Microelectronics Journal 42, Access point is equipped with Nap antennas a through ap. Electrical and Electronics Engineering Research 3, An oscillator is used in transmitters to create carrier waves, waveforms created for the purpose of transmitting information.

The tunable active filter may include an amplitude-limiting circuit and may be calibrated as described below.

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However, in all above three circuits [], oscillator structure is obtained with slight modification in the filter structure i. Analog and Digital Signal Processing, vol. Abstract The electronically tunable quadrature oscillator using a single multiple-output current controlled current differencing transconductance amplifier MO-CCCDTA and grounded passive components is presented.

A wireless communication network may include a number of base stations that can support communication for a number of mobile stations. Very few voltage-mode circuits are available in the In analogue signal processing applications such as literatures [] which can be used as both filters and communication system, instrumentation and control oscillators.

In some aspects of the present disclosure, the BBF may include a tunable active filter as described below. Example Center Frequency and Q Tuning There are many different circuit topologies for implementing filters in electronic circuits, such as a baseband filter e.

Far East Journal of Electronics and Communications, vol. Tech degree in Electronics [9] S. Soliman, New current-mode filters using current conveyors. Such networks, which are usually multiple access networks, support communications for multiple users by sharing the available network resources.

Services for Advanced Communication networks. Ina new kind of resistorless voltage-mode and current-mode quadrature sinusoidal oscillator using a single differential voltage current-controlled conveyor transconductance amplifier DVCCTA and two grounded capacitors has been proposed [ 24 ].

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The resulting circuit working as oscillator is shown in Fig. The simulated oscillation frequency was measured as KHz which is quite close to the theoretical c value of KHz. The transceiver front end may also route the uplink signal to one of the Nut,m antennas for transmit diversity via an RF switch, for example.

For receive diversity at the user terminalthe transceiver front end may select signals received from one of the antennas for processing. Resistor R1 and capacitor C1 are connected in parallel in a feedback loop, connecting the output of amplifier with its negative input.

The filter circuit of claim 4, wherein the amplitude limiter further comprises a biasing circuit coupled to a gate of the NMOS transistor and to a gate of the PMOS transistor, the biasing circuit being configured to generate a first bias voltage for biasing the gate of the NMOS transistor and a second bias voltage for biasing the gate of the PMOS transistor.

For example, duplication of the Z terminal is discussed in [ 2021 ], replacement of the transconductance amplifier with the voltage follower is discussed in [ 22 ], and replacement of the current differencing stage with the current buffer is discussed in [ 23 ].

The circuit can be controlled electronically and independently. The CCII is a three terminal device that basically consists of a voltage follower VF between Y and X input terminals whose current is sensed and convey to high output terminal Z.

The Proposed Circuit Operating as Quadrature. The workability of the exemplary implementation of the derived current-mode universal biquad has been demonstrated by PSPICE simulation results based upon μ m technology.

It is expected that the proposed method can be applied to other SRCOs to generate other multifunction filter structures. Other Building Blocks Having MTC or CC at Front-end and Their Applications. Authors; () Electronically tunable voltage-mode quadrature oscillator based on high performance CCCDBA.

Analog Integ Circ Sig Process A versatile quadrature oscillator and universal biquad filter using dual-output current controlled current. Voltage mode configuration has also been proved helpful in design of a current-mode and voltage-mode electronically tunable quadrature oscillator that consists of both voltage and current output [9].

To the best awareness of the authors no same type of current mode biquad is available in the open literature. A New MISO-Type Voltage-Mode Universal Biquad Using Single VD-DIBA any of the single active device /element-based universal biquad in realizing all the ve lter functions known earlier so far: (i) no J.

Sirirat, W. Tangsrirat, and W. Surakampontorn, Voltage-mode electronically tunable universal lter employing single CFTA, in Proceedings. In this paper, a biquad filter configuration based on two voltage differencing transconductance amplifiers (VDTAs) as newly active elements and only two capacitors as passive elements is proposed which can realize voltage-mode low pass (LP), band pass (BP), high pass (HP), band reject (BR) and all pass (AP) filtering responses using three voltage inputs.

By some modifications of the filter, a new current-mode four-phase quadrature oscillator (QO) can be obtained easily.

Electronically Tunable Differential Integrator: Linear Voltage Controlled Quadrature Oscillator

The condition of oscillation (CO) and frequency of oscillation (FO) of the QO can be controlled electronically and independently through the bias current of the CDTAs, and it is suitable for variable frequency oscillator.

Electronically tunable voltage mode biquad filter oscillator based
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